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And so it begins

Recipes for the best e-liquid flavors in the universe

I had always told people that when the time came I would publish my recipes for Beach Vapes E-Liquid for everyone to use. The time is now.

I will also talk about the whys and hows of making your own e-liquid and keep you up to date on current vaping news and information.

I have a lot to say and I have a strong basis for what I say. Hopefully you will find what I write to be helpful, informative, or just plain funny.

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  1. stwbld says:

    Thank you for doing this. Strawberry blond was my favorite.

  2. AcidicChip says:

    Hey there! I just sent ya an email about helping you out with the new site. I just stumbled onto the blog section and can see you guys are in fact permanently closed. What a bummer, I’m going to miss Stanley’s Cup. The offer still stands if you need any help with any web stuff, just hit me up!

    • stwbld says:

      Yeah, it is a bummer. I’m glad I stocked up with toughs holiday two for ones. Where do you get your juice from now AcidicChip?

      • AcidicChip says:

        I’m in TX now, there’s a place down the road from me I’ve gotten my juice from a couple of times, both times were bad experiences, high PGs and next to no flavor. I need to try to find a new “home” shop. Got any recommendations?

        • stwbld says:

          I have no idea. I’m in CA. My wife picked up some brand named juice but it sucked and yes, expensive.

          I’m here looking for the Strawberry Blond recipe so I can find something comparable or make it myself.

  3. apollokreed says:

    Please post them soon! Running out of White Gummi.

  4. Jv28 says:

    When will you putting up recipes? I’m looking for Space Puppy

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