About Us

Beach Vapes began as a website in November of 2012. From there, I took my products to the local swap meets and flea markets. In April of 2013, the first location opened in Port Hueneme CA. It was only a year before the second location opened in Ventura CA. Along the way, I hired some AMAZING employees, who have been integral in molding Beach Vapes into what it is today. But, most importantly, I met all of YOU. Beach Vapes is so blessed to have been born into such an awesome community, and we truly owe our success to YOU, the customers!!

The Beach Vapes website took a back seat to the people that were actually coming into the stores for the first years, and was really only there for local customers, who were away from home. Over time, I tried to improve on the website, and ultimately I broke it. That's right, I broke the website, and had to rebuild from scratch. That, combined with the timing of the new regulations brought me to this platform that we're using now.