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E-Cigarette Forum

Two Locations Open For Business!

245 E.Channel Islands Blvd Port Hueneme, California 93041
(805) 984-9414

3959 E Main St Ventura, Ca 93003
(805) 585-5190

Beach Vapes is Open from 10am to 10pm Daily. Follow us on Facebook BeachVapes  - and on Instagram @Beachvapes for updates, news and pictures! Local customers please note that website inventory does not reflect exactly the in-store inventory. Please call for any questions.

A real alternative to smoking traditional/analog cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are quickly gaining popularity as an alternative for smokers.  No more foul odors, no more carbon monoxide. Personal vaporizers allow the user to choose from many different flavors and varieties of e-liquid, opening up a whole new world of enjoyment. Personalize your nicotine strength: 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 9mg, 6mg, 3mg, 1.5mg and even 0mg.

Improve Your Health - You will not be breathing in carbon monoxide, for starters. The e-cig heats up the e-liquid, creating a vapor that inhales like a cigarette. With the different levels of nicotine added, you are still able to satisfy the physical cravings of an analog cigarette. Reports vary on just how many added chemicals are in traditional cigarettes, but there are many confirmed poisons that you will not be inhaling any longer.

Save Money - A bottle of e-liquid starts at about the same cost as a pack of analog cigarettes but last so much longer. Average use is 1-3ml per day, and a 15ml bottle of e-liquid at Beach Vapes starts as low as $7.99. That's as little as 3 days worth for the price of one pack of analog cigarettes, and as many as 10 days worth!

No Second-Hand Smoke - Stop putting your loved ones and strangers at risk from your second hand cigarette smoke. Stop feeling like a pariah when nobody wants to be around second hand smoke.

No More Foul Odors - Many e-liquids have no smell to them at all when exhaled. The ones that do smell, only smell pleasant... like caramel, or fruit flavors, or coffee... so many possibilities. Traditional cigarette smells will stay in your clothing and your hair for a long time. Who wants that?

Beach Vapes